In order to help you provide the best nutrition and health care to your pet, we offer a premium selection of pet foods and supplies.

We carry the complete line of Royal Canin Prescription Diets and Royal Canin Lifestage Diets, as well as an excellent selection of PVD Veterinary Diets. We are also able to special order many other diets if your pet has special needs. We are able to fully recommend these diets and provide a  money back guarantee as the manufacturers not only source premium ingredients and do extensive research on the best nutrition, but also do feeding trials to ensure the proper balance of nutrients. Although these diets may cost more than grocery or pet store foods, we can assure you that the quality is the highest, digestibility is optimum, your pet will need to eat less and in the long term you will most likely save on veterinary bills! Our retail store also offers everything from designer leashes to first aid supplies. 


Did you know?
That the optimum number of litter pans is the number of cats in the household plus one. You don’t like a dirty bathroom; fastidious cats don’t either! Cats in studies preferred clumping, odour absorbing, unscented litter in large uncovered litter pans.