Twice Daily walks

Twice Daily walks

Kennel with doggie door

We are here for your pets even when you are not!  Going on vacations? Spending the day at the ski hill and don’t want to leave puppy home alone? Call us and book into our pet boarding facility.

Cats are housed in sunny, roomy two room condos and allowed out to exercise daily. Dogs are housed in large runs with an indoor and outdoor kennel attached by a doggie door, walked twice daily and allowed to run free in a large exercise area. Dogs are matched with friends, walked together and allowed free play outdoors with their buddies. A selection of Royal Canin Prescription and Lifestage diets, blankies and fresh water are included. You are welcome to bring your pet's toys, bedding and dry or canned pet food (unfortunately we are unable to feed raw diets in the kennel) to make your pet feel more at home. 

Cuddles and brushing are free perks!

Pets must be fully up to date on all vaccinations to make sure that their stay is safe and healthy.  Cats require FVR-C-P and Feline Leukemia vaccines at least 7 days prior to boarding.  Dogs require DA2PP and Rabies vaccines at least 7 days before boarding.  Kennel Cough vaccines are required for dogs; at least 3 days prior to boarding for oral and intranasal kennel cough vaccines and at least 7 days prior to boarding for injectable kennel cough vaccines.  We will need proof of vaccinations submitted prior to boarding in order to hold your reservation.  Our earliest drop off time Monday to Friday is 8:30 and on Saturday is 8:45.  Our latest pick up time Monday to Friday is 5:45 and Saturday is 3:45.  On Sundays and Stat holidays, drop off and pick up times are by pre-arranged appointment only as the office is closed.  Daycare is not available on Sundays.  Reservations are required and there is a 72 hour cancellation policy.


Large Outdoor Exercise area